What we surround ourselves with, what we look at every day is so important. I am passionate about helping people decorate their homes with meaningful art, pieces that communicate truth. This could be...


1 | Art Made by Me

Hand-lettered to order

Why pay someone to use a computer font for you, when you could do it yourself of much cheaper? Many of the products on Etsy might say, "made to order," or even "hand made to order," but many Etsy vendors are actually using computer fonts. My custom calligraphy pieces are truly 100% custom—even if I hand-letter the same exact quote for someone else, your piece will still be completely unique. When I say your piece is hand-lettered to order, I mean it! No fonts here!

hand-picked quotes

I hand-pick quotes and Scripture verses to create only pieces I would want to hang on my own wall. I am confident they will encourage you daily! Or, with customizable art, you can have your own quote or Bible verse hand-lettered to order!


2 | Or Art Made By You

Do you want to learn how to make your own beautiful calligraphy art to take home and hang on your wall? I'd love to share my knowledge with you! In the "Learn" section of this site, you'll see local Spokane workshops, as well as blog posts about lettering, and I'm adding more every week.

Why learn from me?

You may be a naturally creative person, or you might not consider yourself to be artistically gifted at all—I considered myself a left-brained non-creative person for years. Art never came naturally to me. So when I took up calligraphy, I felt this gave me a unique perspective. I didn't just pick up the pen and do it. I analyzed each letter, examined the ins and the outs of calligraphy, and broke it down into something that I could learn—not just something that the naturally creative among us just intuits. I am the poster child for the idea that anyone can learn calligraphy. And, after years of learning to letter, I'm here to share my best tips with you, whether you're the enviable 'creative person,' or whether you overanalyze everything just like me!




and services


See my past work—custom artwork, graphic design, wedding invitations, hand-lettered signage, and more.