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edition prints


Only 5 total prints of each limited edition piece are available—forever! This makes each piece rare, valuable, and distinctive—there is minimal chance of your neighbor having the same piece as you, unlike prints that are sold in great quantities at chain stores.





Free shipping to the United States is included with all physical orders! No more guessing the final price of your purchase.

customizable art

Commissioned, fully-custom art is expensive. In the case of calligraphy pieces, the most time-consuming part of the process—for the artist and the customer—is actually the communication that needs to happen before hand-lettering even begins!

With our customizable art, we've eliminated that cost and shortened that time by putting all of the communication up front. There are multiple styles of calligraphy to choose from, already coordinated perfectly with corresponding designs. You choose how you want your quote to look, and it's hand-lettered to order!

Unique & Meaningful Art...

What we surround ourselves with, what we look at every day is so important. I am passionate about helping people decorate their homes with meaningful art, pieces that communicate truth.

... Made By Me ...

I hand-pick quotes and Scripture verses to create only pieces I would want to hang on my own wall. I am confident they will encourage you daily! Or, with customizable art, you can have your own quote or Bible verse hand-lettered to order!

... or Made by You!

Do you want to learn how to make your own beautiful calligraphy art to take home and hang on your wall? For now, workshops are located in Spokane, WA. If you're far away, please keep in touch! Video workshops are on the way!



and services


See my past work—custom artwork, graphic design, wedding invitations, hand-lettered signage, and more.