Meaningful Design


Your great product or service deserves to get more attention.

In a distracted and busy age, truly excellent products and services can get lost in the shuffle. If your business offers something that can truly help, how do you get noticed?

Make your design say something.

A truly meaningful brand and a cohesive design have become incredibly important—these things help communicate what is most important about your business. There’s something truly wonderful about an intentional message, broadcasted not just through your product or service itself, but in everything that surrounds it. Use every avenue you can to tell your customers all about what matters to you and to your business!

That is where I’d love to help.


Meaningful Art

There should be a high bar for what we look at every day.

I began calligraphing because I had a hard time finding wall art that really communicated something of substance. The world is already full of half-truths, empty platitudes, and Bible verses taken out of context.

It's far too easy to put something on your wall without asking, "But is it true?" 

Let's make a pact to put more meaningful and truthful art on our walls—whether made by me, or made by you.


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