Logo Design

Logos are one of my all-time favorite things to design. There is something about figuring out how to represent a business well. If we work together, I’ll get to know you and your business and its industry and figure out how to set you apart while also establishing you as a competitor in your field. Together, we’ll make a truly meaningful mark—down to the tiniest detail!


Vanessa Kynes

Vanessa is a Pinterest strategist and digital marketing consultant for the creative client—in fact, she and her website are where I’ve learned basically everything I know about Pinterest! Vanessa’s brand is clean, modern, and refreshing. She needed a main logo, a smaller watermark to put on her pins, and a sub-mark to use as her signature.


Lara d’Entremont

Lara d’Entremont is a blogger and biblical counselor in training who has a passion for teaching women to turn to God’s Word in the midst of their daily life and suffering to find the answers they need. She writes articles on theology, Bible study, relationships, suffering, anxiety, depression, idols of the heart, etc.


Donut Parade

In early 2019, a beloved neighborhood donut shop which had closed a few years earlier re-opened under new ownership. I was ecstatic to have landed this logo gig, as this little shop was where my husband and I went on our first date. I had such fun trying to capture the classic vintage diner feel while also giving it a bit of an update, knowing the the new owners remodeling process would do the same for the little shop itself. I worked hard to create the same “vintage modern” compromise. I set out to lock in the nostalgia while also keeping Donut Parade up to date! I wrote more about this project and some of my design decisions on the blog.


Audri’s Attic

Audri and her husband David are the powerhouses behind Audri’s Attic in Spokane, WA. They are estate liquidators specializing in estate sales, buyouts, and antiques. That means the possibilities felt endless for this logo. Since they sell a lot of furniture, paintings and books, that’s the direction we headed. There are two things I love about this logo: 1) It’s clean and modern, while still managing to communicate age and vintage, since their estate sales often have a large number of vintage items; and 2) The Greek bust statue hearkens back to a figurine Audri was gifted early on in her career, who became a “figurehead” (pun intended) of her business and her informal logo image for years. So, naturally, it had to be included!


House of Gray

Tarah of House of Gray is a talented interior and home designer. She and her husband bought a handful of lots just off the Palouse. Tarah has designed beautiful homes for those lots and they are in the process of building, to eventually sell! ⁣⁣What makes me happiest about this logo is that the house featured in the middle is actually based on a home that Tarah has designed. The cute little second story window is something she has incorporated into all of her designs, and plans to continue doing so!⁣⁣ I wrote more about this project on the blog.


Natalie Boone Art

Natalie Boone is a local watercolor artist. It has been exciting to see her audience and business flourish, and quickly, too—mostly due to her breathtaking florals. This logo will always have a special place in my heart because it was a team effort. Natalie wanted something floral but unique, and from the beginning, I knew we had to incorporate her own art somehow. That beautiful rose is all hers! And, don’t miss the paintbrush at the bottom. These two objects really capture Natalie’s creative spirit. I also wrote more about this project and some of my design decisions on the blog.


Pearson Insurance

Roland & Susie Pearson run Pearson Insurance here in Spokane, WA. It can be tempting to use the same style (namely, ‘hipster minimal,’ as I call it), but the reality is, while trendy isn't bad, it's not quite appropriate for a trustworthy insurance company. I think this final logo walks that line well: it’s modern and not dated, but its neutral style caters to a wide age range and demographic.


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