Web Design on Squarespace

I am a Squarespace designer! This means that I handle your website setup from start to finish (including your domain) exclusively on the Squarespace platform.

Why Squarespace?

Not only is it the platform I have the most experience in, but it is also my favorite, which I recommend heartily to anyone who wants an easy-to-use, low-maintenance website presence. Unless you need a highly custom site, Squarespace is the way to go. Here’s why:

  • Pricing for any budget: Squarespace has several different pricing tiers depending on what you need—so a simple blog is cheaper to operate than a full-blow eCommerce site. There are no hidden or unexpected additional costs, either.

  • Easy to use: Once I hand the finished site over to you, I’ll teach you the basics of using Squarespace’s back end, which is one of the few admin panels I feel confident handing over to any client! It’s so easy, and even building pages after I’m gone is a matter of drag-and-drop.

  • Great customer service: I’ve used it for my own site multiple times! 24/7 chat support is awesome, friendly, and there are little to no wait times. Oftentimes their help articles cover what I need, too.

  • Low maintenance: Don’t worry about plugins, stability, or upgrades!

Doorpost Designs



Naturally, my own website is fully designed by me using Squarespace! This was my first site, and it’s changed a lot since it launched in 2017.


The Animation Course


The Animation Course, run by former Disney animator Chad Stewart and his wife Kayla, teaches online animation and drawing classes, primarily to kids and teens, but adults are welcome too! The website re-design (2018) came with a big aesthetic overhaul, and featured:

  • Simplification of homepage

  • Helping visitors find where they need to go with the fewest clicks

  • Adding and organizing courses to purchase in the store (and working with Chad to create cohesive product images for each course)

  • A photoshoot for images to use throughout the site

  • Implementing a countdown timer until the next session start date

  • Striking a balance between professionalism and fun!

  • And lots more!

My favorite part is the gif of Chad waving on the homepage, which was his idea. Go check it out!


Grace Christian Fellowship


In 2018, I designed two sites for Grace Christian Fellowship in Spokane, WA—one for each of their campuses. They are very similar, the biggest differences being small variations in ministries, the header video (made by my husband), and site photography. This website design, among many other items, featured:

  • Creating a cohesive homepage that helped visitors understand what GCF is all about (and designing some icon imagery to match)

  • Developing a structure for audio and video for sermons, Sunday school, and other talks/events

  • Setting up an event registration system


Coram Deo Presbyterian Church


This website redesign (2019) was for Coram Deo Presbyterian Church in Spokane, WA. It featured…

  • A homepage that strings together their mission and values to give guests a succinct and powerful idea of what makes Coram Deo unique.

  • Implementing CDPC’s branding, including wood grain elements, in a way that is updated and modern

  • Streamlining visiting information and making it easier to access.

  • Site structure overhaul

  • Suggesting brief, functional page titles that aid in navigation

  • Setting up email forms for the Staff page to protect from spam

  • Training the team on the back end

My favorite part is the animated infographic on the front page!


Interested in Hiring Me?

I love custom projects, and can’t wait to hear more about what you have in mind!